Ristorante Semiramide



  • Closed Tuesday and Wednesday in Winter, Closed Tuesday in Summer

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  • Via Pian dell’Ara 1- 05020 Melezzole TR

  • +39 0744 - 951008

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Eating at the table of Pierluigi and Chiara is a bit like a treasure hunt. In one of the smallest and most remote villages between Amelia and Todi, Melezzole is a splendid military fortress dating back to the 12th century where two young siblings surprise gourmets in search of high level home cooking. "We choose the best foods for seasonality and quality for you ... with these we hope to win you over", they say. They've been doing it for a decade and every detail is important to them. They offer typical Umbrian cuisine according to the season. Pierluigi serves vegetables from his own organic vegetable garden. They buy their chianina beef and pigs from the farmers they have known all of their lives. As far as the eye can see, the woods offer truffles, game, mushrooms and the famous chestnuts of Santa Restituta. When you eat here in winter, the menu is wild boar with juniper and classical Umbrian cuisine. These young chefs respects tradition but are not constrained by it. In summer, there are Ciriole with pachino, ricotta and crispy bacon. Excellent pizzas are served on a verdant terrace among the flowers. Melezzole is located in the wildest and most evocative part of the Sentieri Amerini. Quality of life begins right here with fresh produce and ancient culinary traditions.

The history:  Pierluigi and Chiara’s great-great-grandmother opened an inn inside the Castello di Melezzole in the early 1900s, serving wine and hot meals for the travelers who, coming from Todi, headed towards the Maremma. But, after her death, the property passed to the first male heir who proved not to be up to job of running a restaurant. It was only in 1990 that their mother decided to open a new Semiramide restaurant and in 2006 passed the management to her children, who in the meantime had been enhancing their culinary skills abroad.