Here in the Sentieri Amerini the most famous horse rider is Mario Girotti (stage name Terence Hill) the Italian actor famous for his spaghetti westerns. Terence has a home in Amelia where his family are from and shares his passion for horses with other well known Italians who have homes here too including Mogol, the famous Italian song writer.

In the footsteps of the knights

Our selection of circuits for horse riders is only a taste of where you can go with your horse or with one of the beautiful horses available for rent from one of the local stables. At Amelia Cavallerizza, for example, Francesco (himself a Palio rider!) and his experienced team organise walks on horseback from a few hours long to full day trips. In the surrounding villages there are stables where you can begin your horse back ride. For each of our suggested routes there is the summary sheet below and the link to a more detailed description for those who want to know more.

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