The Guide for runners, cyclists, walkers and horse riders through ten Medieval Villages in Southern Umbria


600km of countryside routes and circuits. The best local advice on where to eat and sleep well and where to buy the best olive oil and wine. An interactive map for discovering the whole Amerino area.


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Great routes through the green hills and the Medieval Villages of Umbria. Unique experiences for active holidays in Central Italy.


Southern Umbria is a land of olive oil and wine, medieval villages, unspoiled countryside and ancient traditions. One hour from Rome or from Perugia international airport, the Amerino area offers a vast choice of countryside routes and trails for every level.  These are our recommendations for discovering this unexplored area of oak woodland, olive groves and unforgettable landscapes in Central Italy. This interactive map can be used to organize the trip and explore the routes once you are here.



From the banks of the Tiber to The Fossil Forest

The Amerino Area in Southern Umbria rises from the banks of the Tiber River from Giove and Attigliano to Alviano and Montecchio. Amelia is the largest of these small Medieval Villages and is surrounded by its renowned 2800 year old fortified walls. Nearby are the smaller but just as delightful Medieval Villages of Penna, Lugnano, Guardea, Avigliano, Montecastrilli. The Amerino Area includes some wonderful places to discover, such as the villages of Toscolano and Santa Restituta or the fossil forest of Dunarobba. The ancient pilgrim route of St. Francis passed through these historic towns as did Germanicus, Roman General.  (There is even a carefully restored Roman bronze statue of the General Germanicus which was unearthed in Amelia and can now be seen in the town’s museum).

This area is a beautiful yet undiscovered part of Central Italy full of opportunities for those who love outdoor activities and good living.

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These routes and trails offer wonderful outdoor experiences, amidst the history, culture and traditions of the green heart of Italy with its oak woods, chestnuts and olive groves. It is  the perfect location both for those who love running a few kilometers and even for those who do ultra marathons in the mountains. It is equally fantastic for cyclists, horse riders and walkers to enjoy the spectacular views of The Amerino.

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The "Sentieri Amerini" are our favourite 38 Countryside Circuits  which we have identified out of the 600 kilometers of routes and trails available in the area. This Amerino network encompasses the ten Medieval Villages of this beautiful area. It is just one hour from Rome or Perugia and cannot be beaten for those who want an active outdoor holiday. This rural Amerino landscape is unspoilt and rich in culture and traditions. This is also an excellent starting point for planning day trips to other beautiful places in central Italy, such as Siena, Orvieto, Viterbo, Spoleto, Assisi, Todi or the lakes of Bolsena, Corbara.






As well as the landscapes and these Medieval Villages steeped in custom and tradition, there are the Amerini people. It is a wonderful experience to hear their stories, their traditions and customs which have been nurtured over thousands of years and many of which remain the same today.


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We live in and around Amelia and are keen on running, cycling, horse riding and walking. We are very selective when it comes to eating out but also when we buy wine or olive oil. There is a wealth of excellent products in the Amerino area and the selection we present on this website is what we like best. 



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