Whether it's a few kilometers in the woods with the kids, a climb to some steep stony peak or a grand tour of dirt roads or asphalt, this network of the Amerino paths is fun for everyone. Always with surprising views giving you a great excuse to catch your breath!

Cycling between Medieval Villages and nature

The circuits we have chosen for cycling are mainly for mountain bikes but there are also some asphalt routes, suitable for an e-bike tour as well. Distances and difficulty level vary, as do the landscapes: from the Tiber valley, to the expanses of olive groves, to the top of the Amerino mountains. For each route there is a summary sheet below and a link to a longer description and its route map for those who wish to know more.

Download the MAPS.ME app onto your smartphone. Import paths in KML / KMZ format to MAPS.ME. Use the smartphone and MAPS.ME as an interactive guide. This also works offline.


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